Health & Safety

Health & Safety Procedures and Standards

Procedures and Standards:

  1. Our studio uses a hospital grade autoclave sterilizer. This is a world standard that all professional tattoo shops must have a working and well maintained autoclave.
  2. All new and single use needles and tubes come in a sealed sterilized bag.
  3. Our customers have a choice of sterilized steel tubes or disposable plastic tubes with 316L steel tip tubes. The reason we don't use disposable plastic tubes is that the friction of a steel needle against the plastic tube causes the plastic tubes to abrase and embed fine plastic particles under the skin.
  4. We strictly practice a “Sterile Chain of Events” and “Prevention of Cross Contamination” protocol :
    1. All set ups are done with gloves
    2. All machines, lamps, power units, clipcords are barrier wrapped.
    3. All barrier wraps and table overlays are single use and disposed off after each client.
    4. We use nitrile gloves in order to prevent latex allergies as well as to safeguard our clients from possible latex allergic reactions.
    5. We use hospital grade wipe towels for our tattoo procedure. This reduces irritation and minimizes needle clog.
    6. Kitchen towels are only for pre disinfection and post disinfection of tattoo work stations
    7. All sharps including hospital grade razors, needles and disposable tubes are placed in a sharps bin after use. Sharp bins and bio-hazards ( tissues, gloves, etc ) are disposed off monthly by a Health Department certified bio-hazard disposal company . We are the only tattoo studio at this moment in Malaysia to practice this.
    8. We have a dedicated “dirty room” for tube cleaning and pre sterilization of our tools.
      1. All used tubes are cold sterilized for 24 hours before its handled by the artists ( Barrier aprons and gloves are worn at all times during the cleaning procedure.)
      2. A hospital grade ultrasonic is used to clean used tubes before manual scrubbing
      3. Clean tubes are then cold sterilized again and washed with distilled water to remove any residual chemicals
      4. Clean tubes are then taken to the clean room
    9. The Clean room is where the autoclave is situated.
      1. Clean tubes are now bagged in sterile bags with indicators (The indicators change color after one sterile cycle)
      2. The items are then placed in an autoclave and is run through one sterile cycle(270 Degrees Celsius for 20 minutes at 2 atmospheric pressure)
      3. After the sterilisation cycle is complete ,the drying cycle is run before the now sterilised bagged items are ready for use.
  5. All our artists have attended and passed “Aseptic Procedures for Tattooing “ courses in the United States and Europe. These courses are compulsory to participate in conventions in the United States and Europe.
  6. Please be aware that there are currently no laws governing tattooing in Malaysia and many tattoo studios are not properly licensed or possess an autoclave in the premises.
  7. The sterile and prevention of cross contamination procedures are observed strictly by our shop and tattoo artists.We have been the advocates for clean tattooing since we started almost 19 years. We are just as concerned for our own safety as well as our customers.